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nam standing committees

NAM board of directors

The NAM Board of Directors/Corporation consists of eleven elected officials. These officials serve three years and sit in on a combination of the thirteen standing committees. Each of the Board members is the chairperson of at least one Standing Committee. The Board of Directors meets regularly to give NAM direction.

NAM Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has the authority to officially act on behalf of the Board of Directors/Corporation in case of emergency and in cases where it is not feasible to convene or poll the entire Board. A three-fourths (3/4) majority of the Board has the authority to overturn non-emergency decisions of the Executive Committees. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is required to provide a written report, at each meeting of the Board, of all major or policy decisions made by this Committee on behalf of the entire Board/Corporation since the Board's last meeting.

  • Committee Chairperson: President Asamoah Nkwanta
  • Committee Vice-Chairperson: Executive Director Aris Winger 
  • Committee Members: Vice-President Torina Lewis, Secretary Dandrielle Lewis, and Treasurer Cory Colbert

NAM Membership Committee

This Committee has the responsibility for keeping the membership of NAM viable. This Committee is to develop proper forms for membership applications, for acknowledging the receipt of membership dues (membership cards), for informing and reminding persons that their dues are in the rear. Rules and procedures should be developed as to what kinds of products and services that NAM can and/or shall provide it members. The major ongoing activities of this Committee will be that of developing and implementing Recruitment Strategies and that of keeping accurate membership records which also reflect current addresses and current financial status of all members as well as set membership goals and strategies to reach these goals.

The Corporation shall develop and maintain a current directory (database) of under-represented mathematical scientists and educators in the United States especially of those who have earned a doctorate degree; of all under-represented American graduate students studying for a doctorate degree in one of the mathematical sciences; of all faculty in the mathematical sciences at HBCU/MI's; of all mathematical sciences programs offered at HBCU/MI's; and of the under-represented American minority undergraduate enrollments in the degree programs in the mathematical sciences at the junior and senior levels at HBCU/MI's.

  • Committee Chairpersons: Community College Member Alvina Atkinson
  • Committee Vice-Chairperson: Majority Institution Member Robin Wilson

NAM Finance Committee

This committee has the responsibility of officially developing and publishing an annual financial report that accurately reflects the financial status of NAM as a business/non-profit corporation. These reports should be audited annually (internally or externally). Additionally, it is the responsibility of this committee to develop a two-year budget for NAM and to develop strategies for ensuring that monies will be available to support the budget. This may include reviewing and recommending new dues structuring, writing proposals to get financial support, investing NAM's trust funds for higher yield, planned giving, etc. This committee is to make recommendations on all activities of NAM for which NAM funds are being requested for support.

  • Committee Chairperson: Treasurer Cory Colbert
  • Committee Vice-Chairperson: Outside-Academia Member Brett Jefferson

NAM Publications-Publicity Committee

This committee has the responsibility of producing a quarterly newsletter, establishing all the rules and regulations with regard to the production of this Newsletter, projecting a minimal budget for the operation of this Newsletter and properly distributing it to all members and any other persons approved by the Board. By the way of the Newsletter, all the activities of NAM and all information deemed relevant to NAM is to be publicized. This Committee is to constantly implement plans and strategies for soliciting and obtaining materials to be printed in the Newsletter. The responsibility of this Committee also includes the investigation of all questions with regards to official publications on behalf of NAM and to develop all policies concerning official publications by NAM as well as to make recommendations about publications to the Board of Directors for their actions. Specifically, this Committee is to be responsible for the production and distribution of an annual Proceedings for NAM.

The Corporation shall publish a Newsletter at least quarterly, reporting items of information for the membership that will aid NAM in the accomplishing of its mission, purpose and goals. The Corporation shall develop and maintain the publication of a Mathematical Sciences Journal; at least one issue a year shall be published. The journal shall print research articles, articles in mathematics education, and other appropriate items of interest to the Mathematical Sciences Community. NAM shall encourage and engage in the publications of books and monograms that are relative to under-represented American minorities in mathematics and in general.

  • Committee Chairperson: Editor Zerotti Woods
  • Committee Vice-Chairperson: Region B Member Terrence Blackman

NAM Legislation-Nomination Committee

This Committee has the responsibility of recommending and formulating in words all the updating or amending the By-Laws of NAM; developing rules and procedures (not otherwise designated) for soliciting nominations for a slate of Board members to be elected; establishing election dates and procedures, developing, distributing and tallying all ballots; as well as submitting all nomination slates and all results of an election to the Board prior to announcing these otherwise.

  • Committee Chairperson: Majority Institution Member Robin Wilson
  • Committee Vice-Chairperson: Region A Member Chinenye Ofodile

NAM Services-Special Projects Committee

This Committee has the responsibility of approving and coordinating all services and special projects for NAM; developing and maintaining databases/directories for NAM, as well as establishing all the rules and procedures for NAM with regard to handling services and special projects approved; and constantly evaluating the above items and providing the Board of Directors with an annual status report and recommendations regarding all services and special projects.

NAM shall establish and maintain a current Speaker Bureau Service to be available for the total mathematical sciences community but will give preference to serving HBCU/MI' s and public schools. It will available to the total mathematics community but will give preference to serving HBCU/MI's and public schools.

  • Committee Chairperson: Outside-Academia Member Brett Jefferson
  • Committee Vice-Chairperson: Region A Member Chinenye Ofodile

NAM Region Activity Committees

The regional and special interest representatives shall consist of persons elected by the general membership to represent designated geographical regions and designated special interest groups. Each person duly elected is to serve as NAM's liaison person as well as NAM's Coordinator of Activities for that region/special interest group. State/area representatives shall consist of all persons selected/appointed by NAM's Board of Directors to serve as NAM's State/Area liaison persons. Any State, Area or Territory of the United States having two or more HBCU/MI's qualifies as a candidate for NAM's Board of Directors to select-appoint a State/Area Representative to serve as a liaison person for the promotion and facilitation of NAM's activities and affairs in that State/Area/Territory. 


Region A (Southeast/West) consists of Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Montana, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Virgin Islands, and any state not in Regions B or C.

This Committee shall consist of all the appointed representatives in Region A: State/Area and Institutional. Member R-A is the elected chairperson of this group. This Committee may exceed the maximum membership of seven.

  • Committee Chairperson: Region A Member Chinenye Ofodile
  • Committee Vice-Chairperson: Treasurer Cory Colbert


Region B (Mid-Atlantic) consists of Delaware, the District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. The District of Columbia qualifies by its uniqueness for the appointment of a NAM Area Representative to serve as a liaison person for the promotion and facilitation of NAM's activities and affairs in the District of Columbia.

Member R-B is the elected chairperson of this Committee. This Committee may have more than seven members.

  • Committee Chairperson: Region B Member Terrence Blackman
  • Committee Vice-Chairperson: Editor Zerotti Woods


Region C (Midwest/Southwest) consists of Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

This Committee shall consist of all the appointed representatives in Region C: State/Area and Institutional. Member R-C is the elected chairperson of this Committee. This Committee may have more than seven members.

  • Committee Chairperson: Region C Member Brittany Mosby
  • Committee Vice-Chairperson: Community College Member Alvina Atkinson 

Nam Awards-Recognitions Committee

It is the responsibility of this Committee to review and make recommendations regarding all awards and recognitions that are being considered to be given by NAM at the national, regional, state or institutional level. This includes, but is not limited to, distinguished service awards, plaques, certificates, honorary memberships, named lecture series, etc. Once the award or recognition has been approved by the Board, this Committee is responsible for obtaining and making available the physical award or citation.

  • Committee Chairperson: Executive Director Aris Winger
  • Committee Vice-Chairperson: President Asamoah Nkwanta
  • Award Nominations Subcommittee Members: Brittany Mosby 

NAM Programs Committee

This Committee has the responsibility of planning, organizing and implementing all the official programs of NAM at the National and Regional levels, annually, and all the official activities of NAM at these levels as well as assist with activities of the State and Institutional levels. This committee, when and where feasible, is requested to standardize its annual programs in terms of format and procedure, with special attention to be given to dates and places by deciding on these as early as possible and publicizing them in the Newsletter. A two-year advanced schedule is desirable.

There shall be an Annual Meeting for the membership of the Corporation each year for receiving reports, transacting the business affairs that are germane to the membership, and for presenting programs and activities that are deemed proper and worthwhile. All Annual Meetings shall be announced to the membership via Newsletter at least ninety (90) days prior to the date of the meeting. There shall be an annual meeting of the Regional Activity Committees of NAM at the time and place deemed most feasible for the meeting to occur. All State/Area and Institutional Representatives are members of the Committee and are required to attend the meetings when feasible.

  • Committee Chairperson: Vice-President Torina Lewis
  • Committee Vice-Chairperson: Region C Member Brittany Mosby

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