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NAM's Mission, Purpose, and Goals

The National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) is a non-profit professional organization in the mathematical sciences with membership open to all persons interested in the mission and purpose of NAM which are:

NAM was founded in 1969; in 2019, we will celebrate our 50th anniversary. The mission and associated purposes lead to the following specific major goals of NAM.

While the membership is open to everyone, NAM seeks is to promote excellence in the mathematical sciences for underrepresented american minorities in general and African-Americans in particular. We have over 500 members, and hope that you will join and become one as well!

NAM's Programs and Activities

NAM has a Board of Directors as well as twelve Standing Committees. We host events at the Joint Mathematics Meetings as well as MAA's MathFest. In all, NAM has twelve signature events which take place at five points throughout the year:

You can learn more about NAM's upcoming programs and activities by clicking here. We also act as an advocacy organization for underrepresented minorities in the mathematical sciences. We have representatives which serve on many committees:

NAM has an official Statement on President Donald Trump's "Muslim Ban".

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Fall 2019

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Our website has a new look and feel as we kick off our "Golden Anniversary" Capital Campaign: we will raise $2,000,000 by our 50th anniversary in 2019. We very excited about the future of the organization, and are looking forward to having you join us! Register for free to join our mailing list; you can decide later which type of Member you would like to become.

NAM is a non-profit organization, EIN 51-0183976. As such, we are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. We welcome all donations!

Welcome to NAM!

Edray Herber Goins, NAM President