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What is the "NAM Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid Lecture" Series?

The Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid Lecture series was inaugurated in 1994 during NAM's year-long "Twenty Fifth Year Observance." It is named in honor of Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid (November 13, 1927 -- February 26, 1985), an internationally recognized mathematician on random polynomials. The inaugural lecture was given by Professor Tepper Gill of Howard University who had written his Ph.D. dissertation under the direction of Professor Bharucha-Reid. The Lecture is to be given annually at the Faculty Conference on Research and Teaching Excellence (FCRTE).

Suggest the next Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid Lecturer!

We welcome nominations for future Bharucha-Reid Lecturers! Please consider the following criteria:

  • Bharucha-Reid Lecturers should be prepared to present a research talk to a general audience.
  • We prefer speakers who have not given a Bharucha-Reid Lecture in the past.
  • We seek a diversity of speakers. Please remember that our intended audience will feature a diversity of race/ethnicity, gender, age, and mathematical subject matter.

Fill out the nomination form here.

Past NAM Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid Lectures


E. Olusegun George

On Discrete Finite Exchangeability with Applications to Analysis of Clustered Data

Dawn Lott

A Hybrid Finite-Difference-Chebyshev Psuedo-Spectral Method for the Approximation of Magnetohydrodynamics Stokes Flow Around a Magnetic Obstacle

Rhonda Fitzgerald

From Riding the Bench to Leading the Team. Rewriting the Instructional Playbook for Pre-Calculus using the Flipped Model
Willie Taylor Interesting Problems in Difference Equations:Researching Solution Behavior
Shelby Nicole Wilson Modeling the Dynamics of the Human Sleep/Wake Cycle
Edray Herber Goins A Year in the Life of a Number Theorist
Scott W. Williams  
William A. Massey

Industrial Perspectives on Mathematics

Dennis Davenport Sub-Semi Groups of Beta -N
Teresa Edwards A Maximum Cut Heuristic for the No-Split Demand Ring Loading Problem
Ronald E. Mickens Analysis of the WCM Oscillator ODE
Llayron L. Clarkson On Certain Types of Polynomials
Tepper Gill  Gronwall Inequalities for Weak Solutions of Nonlinear Systems with Applications to the Navier-Stokes Equation
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