NAM Lifetime Achievement Award

The NAM Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a Mathematician-Mathematics Educator who has provided at least twenty-five years of exemplary service to the mathematical sciences community and who has affirmed by others as having been the kind of professional and role model whose professional life has made a difference, a professional life worthy of emulating. This award is given at the Annual Banquet in January during the Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Suggest the Next NAM Lifetime Achievement Awardee!

We welcome nominations for future NAM Lifetime Achievement Awardees! Any potential awardees must have shown a dedication to the goals and mission of NAM, that is, promoting excellence in the mathematical sciences and promoting the mathematical development of all underrepresented minorities.

Nomination emails must include the following information,

  1. Name of Nominee
  2. NAM award or lecture they are being nominated for
  3. Website of Nominee
  4. E-Mail Address of Nominee
  5. Explain why this person should be awarded the NAM Lifetime Achievement Award.

Please e-mail your nominations to:

Past NAM Lifetime Achievement Awardees

2018 JMM: January 10-13 in San Diego CA

Rudy Lee Horne, Jr. (Morehouse College) -- posthumously

Carolyn Mahoney (Lincoln University of Missouri)

2017 JMM: January 4-7 in Atlanta GA

Nagambal Shah (Spelman College)

2016 JMM: January 6-9 in Seattle WA

William A. Hawkins (University of District of Columbia)

2015 JMM: January 10-13 in San Antonio TX

Jacqueline Brannon Giles (Houston Community College / Texas Southern University)

2014 JMM: January 15-18 in Baltimore MD


2013 JMM: January 9-12 in San Diego CA


2012 JMM: January 4-7 in Boston MA


2011 JMM: January 6-9 in New Orleans, LA


2010 JMM: January 13-16 in San Francisco CA


2009 JMM: January 5-8 in Washington DC


2008 JMM: January 6-9 in San Diego CA


2007 JMM: January 5-8 in New Orleans LA


2006 JMM: January 12-15 in San Antonio TX


2005 JMM: January 5-8 in Atlanta GA


2004 JMM: January 7-10 in Phoenix AZ


2003 JMM: January 15-18 in Baltimore MD


2002 JMM: January 6-9 in San Diego CA


2001 JMM: January 10-13 in New Orleans LA


2000 JMM: January 19-22 in Washington DC


1999 JMM: January 13-16 in San Antonio TX

Johnny L. Houston (Elizabeth City State University)

1998: Presented on March 20, 1998

Clarence F. Stephens (SUNY Potsdam)

1997 JMM: January 8-11 in San Diego CA

Charles Bernard Bell, Jr. (San Diego State University)

1996 JMM: January 10-13 in Orlando FL

Evelyn Boyd-Granville (University of Texas at Tyler)

1995: Presented on June 10, 1995

Lee Lorch (York University)

1994: Presented on October 14, 1994

J. Ernest Wilkins. Jr. (Clark Atlanta University)

1994: Presented on August 16, 1994

David Harold Blackwell (University of California at Berkeley)