"Golden Anniversary" Capital Campaign


Announcing the NAM "Golden Anniversary" Campaign

Preserving the past while endowing for the future!


In 2019, the National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) celebrated its 50th Anniversary Year! From January 1, 2017 until September 30, 2019, NAM conducted a GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY CAMPAIGN with the goal of establishing a NAM Endowment Fund of at least $2 million to serve as the base support, ensuring vibrant annual programs and activities for many years in the future.

During the Golden Anniversary Campaign, NAM hoped to achieve significant membership increases, doubling the number of Regular Members and increasing the number of Life Members by at least 50% as well as increasing abundantly student membership! NAM's Golden Anniversary Campaign began its kick-off with an Initial Membership Phase on January 1, 2017. In this phase, NAM sought to increase its membership numbers as well as solicit contributions of at least $50,000 to the Campaign from the membership. In addition, during the nationwide campaign beginning April 1, 2017, members, friends, philanthropists, foundations, companies, and other supportive enterprises had the opportunity to partially or fully endow any of the annual programs and activities that NAM sponsors annually.

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Become a Supporter!

Today, the percentage of mathematical scientists from underrepresented populations is still quite small compared to their proportion in American society. NAM is still a supportive community that encourages professional development and mathematical excellence, emphasizes a knowledge of mathematical heritage, and uses lessons and accomplishments of the past to inspire students. As an internationally recognized mathematical sciences professional organization, NAM is still needed.

We urge you to join in supporting the NAM Golden Anniversary Campaign. As a new or renewing member, you may choose your way of supporting the Initial Membership Phase from those listed on the Membership Form. As an individual donor, you may contribute/donate here or by mailing a check to the NAM Treasurer Roselyn Williams at the address below. Organizations wishing to donate should contact the NAM Golden Anniversary Campaign Co-Chairs at jlhouston602@gmail.com to discuss the most convenient procedure.

NAM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN 51-0183976. All gifts are tax deductible.

How can you support the campaign?

Golden Anniversary Campaign Categories

We encourage you to become a "Golden Anniversary" Lifetime Member! You can also donate to the campaign by giving at the following levels:


Campaign Giving Level Amount
Platinum $5,000 or more
Gold $2,500 -- $4,999
Silver $1,000 -- $2,499
Bronze $500 -- $999
Patron $150 -- $499
Sponsor less than $149

Endow an Annual Program/Activity!

With a gift of $25,000 or more you may partially or fully endow one of NAM's annual programs or activities. Listed are full endowment amounts. While the total for endowing our annual programs comes to $1,750,000 we will use the Golden Anniversary's extra $250,000 to endow new programs.


Season NAM Activity Target: $1,750,000
Winter Events Claytor-Woodard Lecture $125,000
  Cox-Talbot Lecture $125,000
  Haynes-Granville-Browne Session of Presentations by Recent Doctoral Recipients $125,000
Spring Events Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid Lecture $125,000
  Regional Faculty Conference on Research and Teaching Excellence $250,000
Early Summer Events Computational Science Institute $250,000
Late Summer Events MAA-NAM David Harold Blackwell Lecture $125,000
Fall Events J. Ernest Wilkins Lecture $125,000
  Undergraduate MATHFest $500,000



What NAM means to Me!

I view NAM as a catalyst and an advocate for Transforming Lives: Attracting more Minorities to pursue careers in the mathematical sciences and inspiring more Minorities to achieve excellence in the mathematical sciences.

Dr. Johnny Houston, Author of The History of NAM, 1969-1999

NAM still remains a viable association whereby minority mathematicians and students can have their concerns addressed that might not be addressed by other groups.

Dr. Harriett Walton, NAM Founding Member, Retired Professor, Morehouse College

NAM played a big part in my decision to pursue mathematics, both as an undergraduate math major and as a graduate student. I was exposed to NAM through Undergraduate MathFest, and was inspired by a community of people that looked like me that were also doing mathematical research and teaching at a high level. The community has helped nurture and support me throughout my career.

Dr. Robin Wilson, Professor, California State Polytechnic University at Pomona

NAM has been supportive of my development and instrumental in my understanding of the challenges that help or hinder our development. It is the vehicle through which I express my concerns regarding the shortage of mathematicians of color in the United States. It has connected me to a community of superior thinkers who are mathematicians, who are creative, and who are politically astute. It has demonstrated that we are gifted, connected, and supportive of each other as professionals in welcoming and unwelcoming environments.

Dr. Jacqueline Giles, Professor

NAM is important because its birth is rooted in an enduring question for African Americans in general and for underrepresented mathematicians, as a community, in particular: "where do we go from here?" For me the response of those gathered there in 1969 echoes and resonates across the decades: We must promote excellence in the mathematical sciences in the United States and the world and we must embrace our role as a voice for issues, ideas, perspectives and for persons that did not enjoy such a voice. We must aim to be part of the mainstream and be an advocate for inclusion; we must be advocates for all who desire to learn mathematics and to contribute to the community of mathematical scientists.

Dr. Terrence Blackman, Professor, Medgar Evers College

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NAM Golden Anniversary Campaign Committee

Dr. Johnny L. Houston, Co-Chair, Elizabeth City State University

Dr. Sylvia T. Bozeman, Co-Chair, Spelman College

Dr. Robert E. Bozeman, Morehouse College

Dr. Donald Cole, University of Mississippi

Dr. William "Bill" Hawkins, University of DC

Dr. Emille Davie Lawrence, University of San Francisco

Dr. Sastry Pantula, Oregon State University


Ex-Officio Members from NAM Executive Board

Dr. Edray Goins, NAM President, Purdue University

Dr. Ulrica Wilson, NAM Vice-President, Morehouse College

Dr. Roselyn Williams, NAM Secretary-Treasurer, Florida A&M University

Dr. Leon Woodson, NAM Executive Secretary, Morgan State University